Rent Control in Illinois: More Harm Than Good, Experts State

Lawmakers in Illinois are pushing to repeal the state’s decades-old ban on rent control. HB 2192, sponsored by State Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-39), would replace the ban with six regional rent control agencies.

CATO Institute Weighs in on Oregon Rent Control Bill

As the bill to implement statewide rent control in Oregon moved quickly through the state legislature, Ryan Bourne of the CATO Institute assessed the implications.

Microsoft, Mayors Come Together on Housing

Over the past decade, home prices and rents have risen twice as fast as incomes in the Puget Sound Region. For many, this means being priced out of the neighborhoods they grew up in. That could soon change as a result of a $500 million pledge from Microsoft.

Rent Control Debate Heats Up With Legislative Sessions Underway

The Wall Street Journal’s Laura Kuisto dives into calls for rent control legislation cropping up in statehouses across the country this legislative cycle.

Kaiser Permanente to Shell Out $5.2 Million in Oakland, CA on Affordable Housing

Oakland, CA, is the recipient of the latest commitment of funds by a major U.S. corporation directed towards alleviating the housing affordability crisis.

OR Speaker Introduces Bill to Make Neighborhoods More Renter-Friendly

At the start of the 2019 legislative session, House Speaker Tina Kotek introduced H.B. 2001 which would reintroduce “missing middle” housing.


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