More States Taking Another Look at Single-Family Zoning

It’s well-established that in many parts of the country, there isn’t enough housing for folks living paycheck to paycheck.

Opinion: Housing Costs Are a Problem in Boston and Beyond, but Rent Control Isn’t The Answer

Rebecca Diamond and Jonathan Gruber explain why economic research shows that rent control will lead to a reduced supply of housing. 

Interview: Rent Control: Unjust and Ineffective

The Manhattan Institute’s Michael Hendrix interviews Mayer Brown partner Andrew Pincus, the lead attorney in a lawsuit taking on New York State’s sweeping rent-regulation laws.

The Rise of the Renter: For the First Time in Decades, Seattle Has As Many Renters As Homeowners

Gene Balk with the Seattle Times reports on what Seattle’s growing population of renters means for the region. 

Signs Point to a Housing Construction Slowdown in Boston Area

The Boston Globe’s Tim Logan reports on what a slowdown in building permits could mean for affordability in the area. 

Editorial: The Housing Shortage in Profile

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board examines the lopsided numbers fueling Oregon’s housing affordability crisis. 

Hometown Developers of Projects Like Vista Tower, Lincoln Yards and Bank Of America Tower Are Putting Money in Other Cities. ‘We Love Chicago But Are Super Nervous.’

Ryan Ori with The Chicago Tribune reports on why regulatory uncertainty, including the threat of rent control, is chasing development to other cities. 

Opinion: The Conundrum Affordable Housing Poses for the Nation

Several economists outline practical ideas to address our housing affordability crisis in The Washington Post. 

The Facts on Housing Affordability in the United States

Politifact’s Bill McCarthy digs into housing claims made by candidates during last month’s presidential debate. 

As Affordable Housing Shrinks in Seattle, Permitting Delays Keep Apartment Projects in Limbo for Months

Katherine Khashimova Long details how permitting delays are holding up apartment construction in Seattle.


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