Housing Construction In Minnesota Never Really Recovered After The Great Recession. Now Federal Policymakers Are Looking To Give It A Boost.

Ashley Hackett and Greta Kaul report on Minnesota’s severe housing shortage.

Illinois: Rent Controls Won’t Help Housing Prices, More Housing Will

Forbes Columnist Roger Valdez outlines why rent control is the wrong answer to Chicago’s housing affordability crisis.

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Seeks to Ease Housing Shortage With Looser Zoning Rules

Andrew Ackerman and Nicole Friedman with the Wall Street Journal outline how President Biden’s infrastructure proposal could help cities address their housing shortages. 

Opinion: How to End the War Over the Future of the Suburbs

Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow Salim Furth argues that in order to increase housing affordability, Americans need to embrace a vision of suburbia that includes growth and change.

Opinion: Who’s Looking Out For Struggling Property Owners?

Sarah Savko, a mom-and-pop property owner in Henderson, details how the eviction moratorium has caused her financial hardship.

Virginia Lawmakers Approve New Affordable Housing Tax Credit Program

Mark Robinson with the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports on a new tax credit program that could lead to the construction of hundreds of affordable apartments in the next several years.

Opinion: To Create More Affordable Housing, Make Zoning Hyperlocal

YIMBY Alliance Founder John Myers and Manhattan Institute State and Local Policy Director Michael Hendrix outline how localizing zoning decisions can help remove barriers to development and affordability.

The Californians Are Coming. So Is Their Housing Crisis.

Conor Dougherty with the New York Times details how the housing affordability crisis is spreading to other parts of the country.

Unpaid Landlords Say They Can’t Pay Their Bills —Or Get New Tenants

Newsday’s Sarah Trangle reports on the hardship being felt by some property owners. 

Sacramento Moves Toward Becoming One of 1st U.S. Cities to Eliminate Single-family Zoning

The Associated Press outlines what this development could mean for housing affordability in the region.


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