The International Case Against Rent Control

Addressing housing affordability needs to be a priority. But it can’t be done through rent control.

Lessons From Berlin’s Rent Control Experiment

New evidence from across the Atlantic demonstrates just how structurally unsound and destructive rent control policies are.

Housing Affordability in the New Year

Rent control is on the rise yet again.

The Looming Debt Trap Facing Renters

While on the surface eviction moratoriums may seem like attractive policy tools to help renters facing prolonged unemployment or reduced income, they actually can cause more harm than good.

What It Will Take To Avert Housing Disaster

By taking meaningful action now and providing direct rental assistance to residents, Congress can keep roofs over families’ heads and potentially pull the country back from an emerging housing crisis.

Ballot Initiative Activism Is Back In California

For the second election cycle in a row, special interests in California are hoping to persuade voters to repeal portions of the state’s existing rental housing laws.

Housing Providers Take Steps to Improve Outcomes in African American Communities

As an industry that houses almost 40 million Americans — many of them people of color — housing providers have a unique responsibility to do all they can to rid their communities of racial injustice and bias.

Rent Control: The Wrong Prescription Then, The Wrong Prescription Now

While the pain of this crisis is acute and widespread, it’s worth remembering that this pandemic is not just creating inequalities in housing affordability — it’s intensifying existing problems we’ve had for decades.

More States Taking Another Look at Single-Family Zoning

It’s well-established that in many parts of the country, there isn’t enough housing for folks living paycheck to paycheck.

Candidates Address Housing on Debate State

Housing affordability is finally emerging as a central issue in the 2020 presidential primary.


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