The Zoning Puzzle Plaguing Tech Hubs

As Axios reports, with many growing cities still following zoning laws from the 1950s, housing supply has failed to keep up with demand. 

NIMBY? Not in These Cities and Towns

The Boston Globe’s John Laidler takes a look at communities in the Greater Boston area doing their part to help alleviate the region’s housing affordability crunch. 

Opinion: Soaring Building Costs Are Slowing Housing Recovery

In an op-ed in Fox & Hounds, housing expert Timothy Coyle weighed in on California’s housing crisis and the necessity of breaking down regulatory barriers to create housing.

Report: Is Rent Control Making a Comeback?

Housing expert Jenny Schuetz of the Brookings Institution analyzes the misconceptions of local housing markets that underlie the argument for rent regulation.

Editorial: Imagine that: Rents fall when more housing gets built

The Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial Board outlines why policymakers should be looking to Sydney — not California — for solutions to Nevada’s housing crisis.

Opinion: Oregon passed the nation’s most significant housing development reform in the nation. Now what?

Local economists weigh in on Oregon’s move to encourage the development of multi-family housing.

How Minneapolis Freed Itself From the Stranglehold of Single-Family Homes

Politico Magazine takes an in-depth look into how Minneapolis rewrote its decades-old zoning rules to accommodate growth and improve affordability. 

Housing Experts Want More Building, Less Regulation To Solve The Affordable Housing Crisis

Bisnow’s Cameron Sperance reports on the affordability problem facing many smaller, inland cities in the U.S.

Op-Ed: Democrats must figure out how to address Blue America’s housing crisis

Washington Post columnist Charles Lane reflects on the need for ambitious housing solutions in cities throughout Blue America.

NYT Editorial: Americans Need More Neighbors

As rent control regulations are renewed in New York, The New York Times Editorial Board breaks down how a big idea in Minneapolis points the way for other cities desperately in need of housing. The growing city did away with single-family zoning to make way for the creation of more housing.


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